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Coin Sales:

Considered the KING of Eagles, the 1804 Plain 4 Proof Eagle is by far one of the greatest coins ever struck.  A Re-Strike, it wasn't struck until 1834 for presentation gifts.  A total of 4 coins were struck for the sets.  Today, 3 of the 4 coins are accounted for... One belongs to Harry Bass and is in the ANA museum in Colorado, another is in the Famed King of Siam Proof set in CA and this coin resides in a private collect in Texas and was sold in 2010 for over $5,000,000.  All three coins are held privately.

The U.S. first produced the Silver Dollar in 1794 and it's referred to as the "Flowing Hair" dollar.  The SP66 coin above is the FIRST Silver Dollar ever struck in the U.S. It has set a world record for the most expensive coin at $10,000,000 plus in auction in 2013.  Previously is sold in 2010 for then the highest price at $7,850,000.  The coin was purchased in the early 2000's for approximately $3,000,000.  As you can see buying the right coins is an investment.

Considered by John Albanese as the "Holy Grail" of our industry, the 1787 Brasher Doubloon, "EB" on Breast is America's FIRST GOLD COIN.  It is Unique, only one of it's kind.  It sold in the early 2000's for $2,999,000 and then in 2011 for $7,395,000.  PCAG, Inc brokered this coin in 2015 for undisclosed amount.  

Estimated value: Priceless! In excess of $15,000,000

The 1894-S Dime is the rarest dime ever struck, with a mintage of only 9 coins (all Proof). This example is the finest known piece and sold for $1,997,500 in 2016.  

The 1838 Proof Eagle is the rarest Ten-Dollar gold piece ever struck.  Only 3 examples of this coin were produced.  It is a first year type coin.  One example is in the Smithsonian and only TWO can be owned privately.   This coin was owned by King Farouk of Egypt, John Jay Pittman (for over 40 years) and was brokered by PCAG, Inc in 2015 for just under $3,000,000.  

Estimated value: $5,000,000

It has been proven through the sales that great coins are a fantastic investment.

The 1851-O Proof is a mysterious coin indeed.  It's UNIQUE, only one.  Sold in 2008 for $374,000, this coin is a favorite for anyone interested the best.  

PCAG, Inc. brokered this coin in 2015 for an undisclosed amount.  

Currently this coin is available through PCAG, Inc. 

RE-SOLD in 2017 for our client.

For more information:

In 1794, the U.S. first struck the silver dollar, a total of only 1758 pieces were produced.  Today, there are only about 100 pieces that have been graded.  The above coin is the 5th or 6th finest known to exist.  Jeff Sherid sold this coin in 2011 to a private investor for $800,000.  

Estimated value:  $1,400,000